Massage Therapy Legislation:
Client Safety!


It is a common assumption that massage therapy is legislated in Saskatchewan. This is false.

The people who work with your pets V ete r inary Technicians, are licensed but not massage therapists!

Currently in Saskatchewan, anyone with or without any type of training can call themselves a massage therapist.

It is up to you as the consumer, to ensure that you are receiving treatment from a reputable, qualified therapist.

That means that individual has a minimum of 2,200 hours basic training, continues to learn with continuing education and is a member in good standing with a professional massage association that has among other features, a defined Scope of Practise, a Complaints & Discipline process and compliance to liability and malpractice insurance. This is for YOUR PROTECTION.

Currently the Massage Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS) is the only professional massage therapy association with these specifications and a qualifying entry exam to prove basic competency.

Members of MTAS are viewed by Workers' Compensation Board, Sask. Government Insurance and other insurance providers, as the ONLY massage therapists qualified to provide treatment to their clients.

If you support the licensing of massage therapists like every other health care provider, please contact your Member of the Sask. Legislature. Here is a link to find your MLA and contact information: 

1380 23rd Ave., Regina, SK S4S 3S5  (INSIDE the Lakeshore Mall)