These website links are provided as a courtesy to you. Good Life Massage Therapy does not take any responsiblity for the content on these sites.

Massage Therapist Association of Saskatchewan, Inc

Information about massage therapy and the profession of massage therapy in Saskatchewan.

Kinesio Tex Tape

Information about the properties of Kinesio Tex Tape™ and what it can do when applied on the body.


This site is a reliable source of health and illness information.


As implied, this link will let you search academic material instead of what is too readily available on the more common Google.

Science & Health Daily News

A good site to check if you heard something on the news or read in the newspaper and want more detail.

Medical myth busters

Have doubts about what you read in an email about a home cure or toxins in ordinary household products? Check this site for the truth.

Exercise Library

The American Council on Exercise's website. You can search for exercises by body part, your ability level and what type of equipment you will be using. Be sure to scroll down the page for these options.

Gray's Anatomy

This is the 1918 edition. A classic resource for anatomy illustrations & explanations.

Inner Body

Curious about your insides? This website shows and explains facts about our 'innards'. 

Cool & Gross Body Information

This is a Discovery Kids website, but helpful for an adult who may think her/his question is silly.
Check this cool cartoon video on how bone fractures are repaired with pins and screws.
The cult of wellness: detoxing, vaginal steaming, fitness watches and other crazy ideas.

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